PC Atari Emulator

PC Atari Emulator
Developer: John Dullea
Supported Systems: Atari 2600
PC Atari Emulator Screenshot 1PC Atari Emulator Screenshot 2PC Atari Emulator Screenshot 3PC Atari Emulator Screenshot 4PC Atari Emulator Screenshot 5PC Atari Emulator Screenshot 6

PC Atari Emulator is now a rather outdated Atari 2600 Emulator for the Windows operating system. It was highly regarded for being incredibly well optimized, and easy to use.

Its speed was thanks to the sheer amount of effort that was put into hand crafting assembly code. The assembly code was heavily optimized for the Pentium processors of the day.

While it locked the emulator to a single operating system, it did prove to be a significant enough speed improvement.

Atari PC Emulator boosted server other features such as full collision checking, the support for every single bank switching scheme.

The ability to emulate the Atari’s vast amount of controls, among a vast amount of other features helped set Atari PC Emulator apart from all the others early on.

Sadly though, development of  the emulator ceased in 2002.


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