Azimer HLE/LLE Audio

Azimer HLE/LLE Audio
Developer: Azimer

Azimer’s HLE and LLE audio plugins are some of the most developed N64 audio plugins available.

They are the most popular alternatives to Jabo’s DirectSound plugin. This is thanks to Azimer’s HLE audio plugin having one of the most well written and strongest sound emulation engine. It’s able to playback almost every games audio successfully and accurately with little to no slow downs or odd audio glitches.

In a lot of ways it called be called the best available sound plugin with only Shaunyan’s audio plugin being able to successfully compete against it. Sadly Azimer has pretty much stopped all development on the audio plugins with real life taking up most of his time.

Though there was a recent release back in 2013 it did not provide any more improvements to the HLE sound emulation. While their are still glimmers of hope development will continue, at this point it seems highly unlikely. Azimers Audio plugin is designed to run in a dual HLE / LLE state, so if the RSP tells it to it will run in LLE otherwise will stay in HLE mode.


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