Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii
Developer: Nintendo
Released: 2006

Nintendo Wii Specifications

Processor: Broadway (PowerPC-based)
Processor Speed: 728 MHz
RAM: 88 MB
GPU: ATI Hollywood
GPU Speed: 243 MHz
Resolution: 480p (PAL/NTSC) | 480i (PAL/NTSC) | 576i (PAL/SECAM)
Storage: 512 MB

The Nintendo Wii is Nintendo’s seventh generation console, and the competitor to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3. The console introduced a new factor to the home console market with the controllers designed to act as both a pointing device and also detect moment in three dimensions. This opened up the console to a variety of different games that weren’t present on its competitors systems.

The console originally also had two extra functions, one that is not present in the end production model, and one other that has been taken offline.

The first of these is the ability to play GameCube games on the Nintendo Wii, this allowed the console to remain fully backwards compatible with all GameCube games as long as you had a GameCube controller. However this feature was removed for the two later and final versions of the Nintendo Wii, these being the Wii Family Edition and the Wii Mini.

The second feature that is no longer present in all versions of the console is its online capabilities and also its WiiConnect24 function that allowed the console to receive updates and messages while its in standby. These were both taken offline by Nintendo, meaning all multiplayer functions of games can no longer be used. Despite these two features being removed the Wii Shop Channel still functions.


Nintendo Wii Emulators


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