gitech's Legacy of Darkness Texture Pack

gitech's Legacy of Darkness Texture Pack
Artist: gitech

Note from the author: gitech

Hello everyone,

I am new here. I am working on a hires pack for Castlevania LOD. I started working on it on 1/8/08. I have never really used Photoshop or anything like it before seriously so this is my first attempt at my own hi-res pack. Let me know what you think.

If you’ve never made a pack before, I hope this can be an inspiration to you. Never under estimate yourself if you give yourself enough time to learn. I started off knowing NOTHING!

I had only downloaded a few partial SM64 packs (not risio’s though his looks great, just haven’t yet) and combined them and re-did the little signs in the game in MS Paint (to say I love you to my fiancé who likes SM64) and fixed the butterflies and therefore made a (sort of) complete SM64 pack for myself. Then I decided to hit “dump textures to files” for Castlevania LOD and it’s all history from there.


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