Djipi's 2016 3DS Style Majora's Mask Texture Pack

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Author(s): Djipi

Djipi’s 2016 3DS Style Majora’s Mask Texture Pack brings his new “3DS” style of textures to the game. This is another showcase of Djipi’s skill as an artist and a perfect display of his dedication in creating amazing Zelda texture packs.

Djipi’s 3DS Style aims at bringing textures to the game that aren’t quite high resolution textures but bring in more detail and style then that is in the original textures.

The 2016 3DS Styled texture pack differs a lot in comparison to his cell shaded alternatives, while cell shaded texture aim for simplification the 3DS style goes for more of a detailed look and feel.

Djipi has managed to pull this style off perfectly and it is a perfect choice for those who don’t like the simplified cell shade look and feel that high resolution texture packs just look out of place.

Please note that this texture pack is currently incomplete but gives a good feel to what Djipi was trying to achieve with it.