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XInput Plugin

XInput input plugin is a basic N64 Input Plugin for N64 Emulators, offering only the most basic input support for the Xbox 360 controller, fully supporting features like rumble and independently working triggers. The plugin also allows up to 4 separate controllers to be used at one time. However this is as far as the functionality […]

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NRage Input Plugin

NRage Input Plugin for N64 Emulators is the most developed and advanced N64 Input plugin available for the system. The plugin has support for numerous features. Such as proper emulation of the transfer pack allowing games such as Pokemon Stadium to utilize its GBC loading feature . Memory cart emulation allowing data to be saved to the memory pack  and […]

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Azimer HLE/LLE Audio

Azimer’s HLE and LLE audio plugins are some of the most developed N64 audio plugins available. They are the most popular alternatives to Jabo’s DirectSound plugin. This is thanks to Azimer’s HLE audio plugin having one of the most well written and strongest sound emulation engine. It’s able to playback almost every games audio successfully […]

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Shunyuan HLE Audio Plugin

Shunyuan HLE is an N64 audio plugin designed for N64 emulators. It offers support for both HLE and LLE sound emulation, with LLE sound emulation being based off of CXD4’s LLE RSP. The plugin allows use for both XAudio2, the legacy DirectSound8 and No Sound driver. The idea of this plugin was to try and […]

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Shunyuan SoftGraphic is a video plugin for N64 emulators. Shunyuan SoftGraphics much like Z64 makes use of MESS’s highly accurate RDP core that is written by MooglyGuy. SoftGraphic still remains a predominately LLE graphics plugin despite it being marketed as a HLE plugin. The main difference is that SoftGraphic uses the dlists sent to it […]

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glN64 is Orkins first video plugin for N64 emulators, thanks to its clean code and low performance requirements, it has been ported to several other systems such as Android and the original Xbox. Much like Orkins newer Direct64 plugin glN64 was a very promising video plugin that was beginning to show signs of great compatibility while […]

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Direct64 is a excellent video plugin for N64 Emulators that was being developed by Orkin based off his other video plugin glN64. Before Orkin disappeared from developing the plugin it was proving quite promising showcasing some features that other plugins didn’t have and also had promised future versions that would bring it in line with […]

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Z64 is a low level emulation(LLE) video plugin for N64 emulators, it is built off of video work from MAME/MESS though the amount of code left from that is minimal. Unlike other video plugins, it does not emulate the RSP, thus requiring a separate plugin to emulate the RSP for the video plugin to produce any […]

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Glide64 (Glide HQ) Thumbnail

Glide64 (Glide HQ)

Glide HQ (Glide 64) is the most versatile and compatible video plugin for Nintendo 64 emulators. Glide is able to emulate many game’s graphics faithfully and flawlessly where other plugins fall short, Glide especially excels in successfully emulating the Nintendo 64’s complicated frame buffer. While other plugins do have preliminary support for the frame buffer […]

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