Shunyuan HLE Audio Plugin

Shunyuan HLE Audio Plugin
Developer: Shunyuan

Shunyuan HLE is an N64 audio plugin designed for N64 emulators. It offers support for both HLE and LLE sound emulation, with LLE sound emulation being based off of CXD4’s LLE RSP.

The plugin allows use for both XAudio2, the legacy DirectSound8 and No Sound driver. The idea of this plugin was to try and produce sound for all games with little to no sound “crackles”.

Like most audio plugins for the Nintendo 64 it is fairly complete and offers compatibility for 90% of games. There’s no real advantage to using one sound plugin over another besides a few tiny differences.

The biggest benefit to Shunyuans HLE audio plugin is that it is designed to be able to change emulator setting to ensure optimum sound.


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