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N64 Video Plugin
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Glide HQ (Glide 64) is the most versatile and compatible video plugin for Nintendo 64 emulators. Glide is able to emulate many game’s graphics faithfully and flawlessly where other plugins fall short, Glide especially excels in successfully emulating the Nintendo 64’s complicated frame buffer. While other plugins do have preliminary support for the frame buffer they fail to emulate it to the same level as Glide does. It also has full support for hi-resolution texture packs, and goes as far as to allow the user to create a cache of the textures and also allow for compression making the packs load in a few seconds after their initial run and also decreasing their memory footprint.
The biggest down side to Glide 64 is that it was built off the old Glide3X API meaning it requires a wrapper such as Glitch64 to re-interpret its calls to something understand by more modern hardware. Besides this Glide 64 is the best choice in terms of most features, most accurate emulation and highest capability.

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