Developers: GuperGCube Dev Team
Supported Systems: GameCube
SuperGCube Screenshot 1

SuperGCube is the continuation of the open source emulator GCube. However the new developer team made a decision to make it solely a Microsoft Windows Operating System only project. This is to try and reduce the amount of work needed to get the emulator to successfully emulate games..

The decision to continue the source code of GCube was made due to the original code base having a very efficient and highly-optimized  emulation core.

The core is able to achieve a reasonable speed, however currently only has an interpreter implemented. There was plans to implement a recompiler, however the project was put on indefinite hiatus by its developers.

Note: Please note if your only intent is to run commercial games you have dumped yourself, then the best emulator for you to utilize is Dolphin Emulator.


Download SuperGCube

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