PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4
Developer: Sony
Released: 2013

PS4 Specifications

CPU / GPU: Custom AMD 'Jaguar' Accelerated Processing Unit
CPU Speed: 1.6 GHz x 8
GPU Speed: 800 MHz
GCN Compute Units: 18
Total GPU Cores: 1256
RAM: 8GB GDDR5, 175 GB/s. Shared with GPU

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is Sony’s entry into the eighth generation of video game consoles, and the competitor to the Nintendo Wii U and the Microsoft Xbox One. It has manged to gain over 40.0 million sold units in the 3 years since its launch, and is currently the number one selling video game console of the eighth generation of video game consoles..

The PS4 gained a good head start to the Xbox One thanks in large to a very smartly run marketing campaign, and the train wreck that was the Xbox One announcement event and there failed marketing attempts.

Sony utilized the confusion in the Xbox One marketing campaign to there great benefit, it helped spur a massive interest in there console and helped get the consumer onto there side. Microsoft’s attempts to fight back against the marketing just ended up pouring fuel into the PS4’s marketing campaign.

Emulation of the PS4 is nothing but a pipe dream at the moment, with emulation of the PS3 only just being achieved, emulation of the PS4 will be some time off. If you see any PS4 emulator that actually claims to be able to run a PS4 game successfully at this time, please ignore it. It is likely an adware ridden piece of software with the core goal of making money off a non working piece of software.

We will update this page when there becomes some progress in the PS4 emulation scene.

PS4 Emulators There is currently no legitimate PS4 Emulators in development, or even just in the planning stages. Emulation of new consoles take a much longer time due to there sheer hardware complexity.

Please note if you find any PS4 Emulators on the internet, at this stage they are likely programs filled with harmful adware. Please stay clear from them. We will update this page as soon as there is legitimate PS4 Emulator.


PlayStation 4 Emulators