Rick Dangerous GBA
Developer: Alekmaul
Rick Dangerous GBA Screenshot 1Rick Dangerous GBA Screenshot 2Rick Dangerous GBA Screenshot 3Rick Dangerous GBA Screenshot 4Rick Dangerous GBA Screenshot 5

Rick Dangerous GBA is a GBA homebrew game that is based on a game of the same name that was originally on the Amiga.

Rick Dangerous is a platformer game where you play as a character that is styled around Indiana Jones. The character you play Rick Dangerous, has two weapons, one his gun and the other his dynamite.

Each level in the game requires you make a very methodical approach to successful clear the levels. Each level is filled with a variety of different traps that the player will have to memorise and plan ahead to avoid. The gun can only be used in a purely-horizontal direction, so you will have to work out the best way to utilise your limited dynamite to defeat some obstacles.


Download Rick Dangerous GBA

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