_pm_'s Diddy Kong Racing Retexture

Diddy Kong Racing Texture Pack
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Author: _pm_

Notes from the author:

Hi guys! I was working with some DKR textures. Not so much progress, although the most visible Ancient Lake’s textures are done. See and tell me if you like them or if it’s a no-no.

NOTE: Most textures are in JPEG format, so you need Rice 6.1.1beta3 or later in order to get them working. Sorry but JPEG quality is good enough for these kind of textures and the RAR size is smaller this way.

A little upgrade which adds more textures, including some of the snow stages. Also, the small font is included, note that it isn’t finished yet. I didn’t include the water textures, they seem to make things unstable here. Anyways, you can get them in the next messages if you want.


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