Developer: Citra Team
Supported Systems:

Citra is an up and coming experimental Nintendo 3DS Emulator and 3DS debugger that is already capable of running several commercial 3DS games along a plethora of homebrew.

Citra has come a long way in an incredibly short time, going from being a basic emulator that could struggle to boot anything to being able to run several games with varying degrees of success in just over 2 years. Citra has quickly become THE Nintendo 3DS Emulator, thanks to a large development community that has worked tirelessly to reverse engineer the functions of the 3DS and the coming together of the various other 3DS emulator attempts has allowed Citra to become the most promising attempt yet to fully emulate the Nintendo 3DS.

While Citra is coming along to be the best Nintendo 3DS Emulator, and is in fact the only one being actively developed now, don’t expect it to be able to run most games you throw at it, and don’t expect to achieve great speeds with the games that do run, at this time, Citra is still highly experimental. While it has in recent months shown a great amount of improvement if your not prepared to battle through bugs to play a game, please wait a few more months and allow the developers to further develop Citra.


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