MazezaM Challenge GBA
Developer: Alekmaul
MazezaM Challenge GBA Screenshot 1MazezaM Challenge GBA Screenshot 2MazezaM Challenge GBA Screenshot 3MazezaM Challenge GBA Screenshot 4MazezaM Challenge GBA Screenshot 5MazezaM Challenge GBA Screenshot 6

MazezaM Challenge GBA is an excellent little puzzler GBA game developed by alekmaul. It was based on the game with the same name, MazezaM by Malcom Tyrell.

The game is basic enough, you enter the Mazezam from the left side of the screen and you have to get to the right side of the screen to successfully exit. You achieve this by pushing rows of blocks left and right.

If you get stuck in a level, you can retry, however that will cost you one life, meaning you have to try and get the level right in as few goes as possible.


Download MazezaM Challenge GBA

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