Gecko Lees Super Smash Bros Mayhem Retexture

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WARNING:This texture pack is in Jabo format, not the commonly used Rice format. Therefor it requires Jabo 1.7 or later.

Author(s): Gecko Lee

Gecko Lees Super Smash Bros Retexture texture pack aimed at recreating the textures in his own high definition style. This is one of the only texture packs available for the Jabo video plugin.

While this texture pack is incomplete Gecko Lee did manage to texture 6 of the levels before he stopped development, managing to finish Hyrule Castle, Donkey Kong Jungle, Peach’s Castle, Saffron City, Mushroom Kingdom and Kirby’s Dreamland.

This texture pack for Super Smash Bros is worth checking out if you have access to Jabo’s video plugin, otherwise we would recommend just utilizing Pietschie and Bad Randolphs Super Smash Bros Texture Pack as it is a complete texture pack for the game.


Download Gecko Lees Super Smash Bros Texture Pack