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Gekko is an experimental emulator written purely in C/C++ to try and achieve the best portability possible. The original core was originally written for x86 Windows systems and managed to boot many commercial games …

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SuperGCube is the continuation of the open source emulator GCube. However it made a decision to make it solely a windows project. The decision to continue the source code of GCube was made due to the original code base …

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GCube is an open source emulator for the GameCube, unlike most emulators it didn’t strive to be compatible with all games. But instead it was developed with the main purpose of running at least one commercial game fully emulated …

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GCEmu is a extremely incomplete emulator that was more designed as a proof of concept to show what is actually achievable. Its aim was to show that emulation of the GameCube …

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WhineCube was part of a string of GameCube emulators for Windows written in C++. Though in comparison to its competitors, the emulator was never able to run any commercial games. However it could still run some …

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Dolwin is the first ever GameCube emulator to be publicly released. it is open source and written in C. However sadly development stalled in 2005 and not a single new release has been seen since.

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Dolphin Emulator is a GameCube emulator and Nintendo Wii emulator that started off its routes as just being a pure GameCube emulator. However once the release of the Nintendo Wii came round, the team realized that the hardware was so similar that increasing Dolphin’s support to also cover the Nintendo Wii was not a huge technical challenge. […]

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