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TronDS is a Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Windows that has now ended in development. TronDS was one of three promising 3DS Emulators that all started up around the same time, each making significant inroads into 3DS emulation. Tron3DS made the least inroads into being able to run commercial games out of the 3, but it […]

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Citra is an up and coming experimental Nintendo 3DS Emulator and 3DS debugger that is already capable of running several commercial 3DS games along a plethora of homebrew. Citra has come a long way in an incredibly short time, going from being a basic emulator that could struggle to boot anything to being able to run […]

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DuoS Emulator

DuoS Emulator is a NDS emulator for Windows. DuoS started its routes in 2012 and was showing to be a very promising new emulator. It features both a dynamic recompiler and hardware GPU acceleration alongside a software renderer. The developer had explored the very thorough documentation from No$GBA and the excellent GPU core in DeSuME […]

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