Virtual Boy

About the Virtual Boy

Virtual Boy Console

The Virtual Boy is Nintendo’s 3rd foray into the video game console and also their biggest failure. While Nintendo attempted to tout the console as the first “portable” video game console capable of displaying 3D graphics out of the box it was an idea that never took with players. The console was such a commercial failure that it never made it out of Japan and North America. One of the Virtual Boy’s worse points was that its screen was only capable of monochrome colors destroying the immersion of the system. Another problem users found was the lack of games that truly made use of its “3D” features with most of them just using the 3D functionality as a gimmick while still functioning like a 2D game would.

Virtual Boy Emulators

vbjin   Vbjin is a Virtual Boy emulator for the Windows operating system, it is one of the few working ones seeing as Virtual Boy has a severe lack of emulation due to its lack of popularity and its commercial failure …

Virtual Boy Specifications

  • Processor: NEC V810 RISC Processor (32-bit)
  • Processor Speed: 20MHz
  • RAM: 1 MB DRAM
    512KB P-Sram
  • Cache: 1KB
  • Colors Available: 4 (32 levels of intensity)
  • Resolution:  384 x 224 pixels
  • Sound: 16-bit Stero