Project 64
Supported Systems: N64
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Project 64 or PJ64 is a windows only Nintendo 64 emulator developed primarily by Zilmar, it originally popped seemingly out of nowhere, and has been in on and off development since its first public release Project 64 1.0 on May 26th, 2001.

Project 64 is also renowned for having the highest compatibility rate, best performance along with the lowest amount of bugs, and is touted by many as being the best N64 Emulator out there and if not that, it is definitely the most widely used.

It is currently been highly criticized for its seemingly lack of development since version 1.6 was released, though Zilmar has since renamed the latest version 1.7 to 2.0 designating that there has been some major developments in Project 64 since its 1.6 release.

However, though the emulator and the RSP is almost solely developed by Zilmar, the plugins that are packaged alongside Project 64, are solely developed by Jabo, and as of today is the only known person to actually of seen the source code of them, not even Zilmar who he closely worked alongside with has seen the source code of his plugins and are yet to be the fastest plugins and at times as the highest compatibly with drawing some things that other plugins still struggle with or don’t draw at all, but suffers from a severe lack of support for hires-textures, while in later versions it does add support, it does not follow the normal naming conventions making all texture packs made for other plugins completely unusable.


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