Developer: Rice and schibo
Supported Systems:

1964 is a Nintendo 64 emulator written primarily in C for Windows by Schibo and Rice, and is one of the oldest emulators and one of the most popular emulators second to only Project 64. It support the vast majority of commercially available N64 games. 1964 had the advantage of having full support for net-play using the now defunct Kaillera networking library.

Though 1964’s netplay suffers from a lot of desync problems due to the way the games tend to be emulated at different rates to each other. 1964 is also the only currently available emulator that uses a dynamically recompiling CPU emulator, allowing for much faster speeds then the default interpreter and non dynamic recompiling core like that is present in Project 64.

As of June 7, 2009, official development of 1964 ended with their release of version 1.1, that fixed certain bugs that were left hanging over from the development. However in recent years some developers have tried modding the released source code to help improve game play, like modifications to the frequency at which emulated N64 core is processed to increase FPS in certain games like Goldeneye 64 to its originally intended max rate of 60fps, and also allowing it decreased for games that normally run at a lower rate already like Mario Kart 64.


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