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Mupen 64

Mupen64 Plus (previously known as Mupen64) is a cross-platform Nintendo 64 emulator originally developed by Hacktarux but is now actively developed by richard42g on its bitbucket page located here.

It is the only emulator that has been developed for use on OSX, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, and even lately has been ported to work on the Android based phones and tablets, this making its use rather prominent for non windows users.

It is the only emulator currently released that has support for a 64-bit dynamic recompiler as well as a 32 bit dynamic recompiler.

While Mupen64 was originally designed to follow Zilmar’s plugin specs, in recent years Richard42g has started to re-write it as his own, this creates problems for getting any plugin that conforms to Zilmars specs to work out of the box with Mupen64 plus.

However thankfully Richard42g does keep a nice group of plugins up to date that follow his specs and as of late has been trying to get the latest Glide64 to work properly with the emulator.