Xbox 360
Developer: Microsoft
Released: 2005

Xbox 360 Specifications

Processor: Custom IBM Power-PC Based CPU
Processor Cores: 3
Processor Speed: 3.2 GHz per core
RAM: 512 MB DDR3
GPU: Custom ATI Graphics Processor
GPU Speed: 500 MHz
Video RAM: 10 MB

The Xbox 360 was Microsoft’s entry into the seventh generation of video game consoles, It went up against two very impressive showing, that being Sony’s PlayStation 3, and the extremely successful Nintendo Wii. The Xbox 360 managed to sell over 84 million units, an impressive feat despite suffering some serious setbacks. Initial versions of the Xbox 360 suffered from a severe hardware failure, often refereed to as the “Red Ring of Death”. This was caused by a poor heat sink and bracket that would over time cause the processor to bend and be lifted from the main board.

Emulation of the Xbox 360 seemed like a very far fetched idea up considering the sheer difficulty developers had trying to emulate the original Xbox. There is one incredibly promising Xbox 360 emulator that has surfaced, and that is the surprising Xenia. it has already managed to get in game in a variety of different games and is already showing great promise that it will manage to successfully emulate the system.

The Xbox 360 was an impressive showing from Microsoft, boasting a much improved online service, something that ended up becoming a core pillar of the device thanks to its sheer success in the previous generation of consoles. The Xbox 360 also boasted a rather robust set of media center abilities, however unlike the PlayStation 3, Microsoft made the decision to only include a DVD drive. While Microsoft eventually brought out an addon that implemented the HD DVD, it ended up a failed effort as the HD DVD ultimately failed after Blu-ray gained significant support.

Ultimately the Xbox 360 was a very successful video game console, while not the top selling seventh generation video game console, it did bring with it some of the most memorable games of the generation. One of the most notable game series of those is the Gears of War series, which has now become a pillar of Xbox gaming alongside the fantastic open world racing game, Forza Horizon and the stellar Forza Motorsport series.


Xbox 360 Emulators


Xenia is the breakthrough Xbox 360 Emulator. It is the only publicly available and open-source emulator available for the system. It manages to emulate several commercial Xbox 360 games successfully.