Djipis 2016 Cel Shade Styled Ocarina of Time Texture Pack

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Author(s): Djipi

Djipi’s 2016 Cell Shade style Ocarina of Time texture pack is his latest cell shaded style texture pack, and is the most recent refinement of his work. Djipi has spent considerable time fine tuning and improving his texture pack to best represent the cell shade style. There is now over 9 years worth of work and refinement put into this texture pack to make it one of the best around.

Djipi’s cell shaded style Ocarina of time texture pack aims to capture the look and feel of Windwakers magnificent look. Djpi manages to pull off the style incredibly well with it being one of the most complete and true to style texture packs available for Ocarina of time.

If you are not a fan of the cell shaded look Djipi has another texture pack for OOT that you can check out, that being his 2016 3DS styled texture pack, alternatively if you prefer high resolution textures over stylised you can check out the Community Ocarina of Time re-texture project.


Download Djipi’s 2016 Cell Shade Style Ocarina of Time Texture Pack