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Xeon was a surprising Xbox emulator, and the first to actually successfully be able to get in game. Xeon was only ever capable of being able to run one single Xbox game, and that game is Halo: Combat Evolved. Even though it could get in game, it was simply way to slow to be able […]

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DXBX is a Xbox emulator that is written in the Delphi programming language. Not a huge amount is known about this emulator. It attempted to tackle the mammoth task of successfully emulating the Xbox. The team managed to make some significant inroads into emulating the Xbox with a few games showing signs of being playable, […]

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CXBX is not your typical emulator, while many would classify it as an Xbox Emulator the actual goal of CXBX is a bit more complex. The program intends to actually convert the Xbox file, into a fully working Windows executable, while it seems like a far fetched idea it is fully plausible considering how close […]

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