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Satourne was a very promising SEGA Saturn emulator. it showed a remarkable amount of progress very early on in its development. Being one of the first few emulators to actually successfully emulate SEGA Saturn commercial games. While development has sadly now ceased, it left behind a legacy of what was an absolutely superb emulator. While […]

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SSF is probably the best SEGA Saturn emulator available. While only being available for the Windows Operating System, SSF has manage to overtake every other SEGA Saturn emulator despite being developed by one single Japanese developer who guy by the name of Shima. No other emulator has managed to come near the level of compatibility […]

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Yabause is a highly regarded open source emulator for the SEGA Saturn, and is currently the only actively developed and worked on emulator for the SEGA Saturn. It is built to be able to run across a variety of operating systems, namely Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X and even the Dreamcast. The SEGA Saturn […]

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