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Play! is a relatively new PS2 emulator that has the goal of being portable across Windows, OSX, iOS, and Android platforms. It is primarily developed by a single developer, that developer being Jean-Philip Desjardins. Play! is written in C/C++ and is designed to make use of instruction caching and a dynamic recompiler scheme to try and achieve […]

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NeutrinoSX2 was one of the first open source PS2 emulators. The project ultimately never ended up getting further then being able to emulate some purpose built functionality test demos for the PS2. The projects primary developer was Maud, who got into developing the emulator after writing code that interpreted a file that he found in […]

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PS2emu is an extremely basic PS2 Emulator. It was in development by a trio of talented emulator devs, namely Roor who made AndriPSX, and also shunt and scar_T. PS2emu never really gained enough development time to actually become anything to great. It ended up as an attempt to trial at several new techniques that would enable […]

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PCSX2 is a extremely successful PS2 Emulator that is available on Windows, Linux and even Mac OS X. Made by part of the team that brought about PCSX-Reloaded for the PlayStation one. It manages to emulate the PS2 extremely well, being both fast, accurate and highly compatible. Boasting that over 94.94% of the PS2’s massive 2568 […]

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