Broken Circle
Developer: 7 Raven Studio
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Broken Circles is an  RPG, GBA Game that faced a very sad development cycle. The game was developed by 7 Raven Studio. Publishers weren’t interested in the game because it proved to big of a risk to cover the release costs associated with the game, as it required the more expensive 256 mbits cartridge. For an unproven developer, publishers walked away.

The developers of Broken Circles moved to try and lower the memory usage of the game so it would only require the much cheaper 64 mbits game, however sadly by the time they managed to lower the requirements, the life span of the GBA was ending.

While one publisher finally did start showing interest, that publisher was not approved by Nintendo to release any cartridges for there systems. The game was then also deemed not to be of a high enough quality to be ported across to the Nintendo DS. This would ultimately damage the developer 7 Raven Studios quite extensively.

Luckily for everyone, in 2007, 7 Raven Studios made the decision to release the ROM of there game on there website. Which allows us to now provide this game to you to try out.


Download Broken Circle

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