Developer: Michael Pavone
Supported Systems: SEGA Genesis
BlastEm Screenshot 1BlastEm Screenshot 2BlastEm Screenshot 3BlastEm Screenshot 4BlastEm Screenshot 5

BlastEm is a relatively new SEGA Genesis Emulator for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The goal of BlastEm is to be extremely accurate but yet be able to run on incredibly weak hardware successfully using advanced optimization techniques.

While the performance and accuracy of the emulator still isn’t as great as the author would personally like it, it is more then satisfactory for the average user. It successfully manages to run many system tests and difficult games that many others will simply fail to do.

BlastEm manages to run on hardware at full speed, even managing to run successfully on a first generation Intel ATOM processor.

If development is kept up, BlastEm could eventually become the best SEGA Genesis emulator available, with it already managing to emulate the vast majority of the SEGA Genesis it is still missing some functionality and implementation of some hardware features. It however is still a great emulator, and definitely one to keep an eye on.


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