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PS2 Emulator BIOS Files
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Here we have uploaded all the available PS2 BIOS files. These BIOS files allow emulators such as the fantastic PCSX2 to actually successfully run PS2 Games. The reason for this is that games tend to make calls to functions that are only available in the PS2’s BIOS.

While what PS2 Bios you choose to use should make no significant changes to emulation, it does not hurt to have the ability to be able to switch and choose between the various different PS2 BIOS files. In fact running PCSX2 for instance in quick boot mode it skips the whole initial loading of the PS2 Bios. This allows you to launch games that may be out of region for that particular BIOS as it skips any sort of region checking that might of been in place.\

Please note: You only need one of these files, only obtain another PS2 BIOS if you are having troubles running games with your current PS2 BIOS.