Xbox One
Developer: Microsoft
Released: 2013

Xbox One Specifications

Processor: Custom AMD 'Jaguar' Accelerated Processing Unit
Processor Cores: 8
Processor Speed: 1.75 GHz per core
Main RAM: 8GB DDR3, 68.3 GB/s
Additional RAM: 32 MB ESRAM, 109 GB/s
GPU: Custom AMD 'Jaguar' Accelerated Processing Unit
GPU Speed: 853 MHz
GPU GCN Compute Units: 12
Total GPU Cores: 769
Video RAM: Shares System RAM

The Xbox One was Microsoft’s entry into the eighth generation of Video Game Consoles. It perhaps had one of the most botched console releases of all time. This is can be attributed to a very poor marketing effort that left consumers confused.

The announcement conference of the Xbox One featured a large segment dedicated to non gaming features, and then the time that was left focused on policies that were never explained properly. Such as the apparent “always-online” feature, and the original policy of being unable to trade in games, replacing the normal console system with a system much like the extremely popular PC Gaming platform, Steam.

The next few weeks after the Xbox One’s announcement there was a few attempts to try and clarify there policies but those attempts just ended up throwing fuel on the fire and confusing the consumers even further. Eventually the two key policies of the console ended up being rolled back for the more traditional style. But it ended up with two high level Microsoft employees having to stand down, the most notable of these being the head of Xbox, Don Mattrick. Ultimately the Xbox One never recovered from the disaster that it was the announcement, Sony utilized the mess up to promote there console and appear to be the good guys helping them gain a majority early on in the consoles life.

Emulation of the Xbox One is nothing but a pipe dream at this moment, there is no current effort to try and emulate the console, and there does not currently appear to be any real interest in a Xbox One emulator. Please note if you do find any supposed Xbox One emulators on the internet, steer clear of them as they are more then likely loaded with adware.

It is currently to difficult to find out how well the Xbox One is doing as Microsoft chose to cease disclosing the Xbox One Sold unit numbers.

Xbox One Emulators There is currently no Xbox One emulator in development, or any Xbox One emulator released at all. Please note that if you find any on the internet at this time, it is likely a fake, even more so if it claims to actually be able to one any games fully.

Please steer clear of any Xbox One Emulators. We will update this page as soon as a legitimate attempt at developing an Xbox One Emulators shows up.


Xbox One Emulators