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No$PSX is a extremely capable no thrills PSX Emulator made by the talented developer behind several other emulators such as No$GBA. The core goal of No$PSX was to be able to work out of the box. This means there is no specific needs for a very particular version of Windows, no specially modified Video driver, […]

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SSSPSX is a Japanese PSX Emulator for Windows. Developed by a contributor to the PCSX2 project, SSSPSX had a very promising start. Most of the work done on the emulator was to make a fast and highly compatible Recompiler core. While the recompiler core worked out extremely well, other hardware elements of the PlayStation did […]

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AndriPSX was one of the original emulators for the PSX, it was incredibly promising at its time despite being behind completing emulators at the time such as PSEmu Pro. Sadly despite such a good promising start, AndriPSX’s development was stopped and the emulator never got to meet its full potential. It managed to run a few […]

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