Developers: Snes9x Team
Supported Systems: SNES
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Snes9x is an open source emulator for the Super Nintendo written in C++. The emulator is  designed to be highly portable, compatible and offer good emulation speed. This allows it to be easily compiled across multiple systems easily.
The team behind Snes9x provides official builds for several systems.

These systems being Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android. ZSNES was one of the first emulators to offer support for the advanced features of the SNES. Recent versions of the emulator have heavily improved its accuracy while trying not to sacrifice its speed.

The emulator is a perfect replacement of bsnes (higan) if your computer is unable to handle the accuracy that higan uses at the sacrifice of speed. Despite the original Snes9x team abandoning the project, a new team has come together to continue work on it.

However work has not progressed hugely. Despite this it remains one of the best emulators for the SNES, with a very high compatibility rate and extra enhancement features. Of course it doesn’t emulate games as accurately as an emulator like higan would, however it doesn’t have the associated higher-end hardware requirements.


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