Hypatias Mario Craft 64 Texture Pack

Super Mario 64 Texture Pack
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Hypatia’s Mario Craft 64 texture pack is one of the very best texture packs that you can find for Super Mario 64. It does an amazing job at replacing every new texture with Hypatia’s very own style. The style suits the game perfectly and is well worth playing the game through.

The style of Hypatias Mario Craft 64 texture pack is very reminiscent of a blend of paper craft and the sort of art style that is utilized in Yoshis Woolly World.

It is well worth playing back through Super Mario 64 just to enjoy the textures that were created by Hypatia.

If you like Hypatias work please consider making a donation to them, you can find donation links on their Tumblr blog. You can click this link to quickly get to their donation page.