Federelli's Ocarina of Time Texture Pack

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Author(s): Federelli, Djipi, others

Federelli’s Ocarina of Time texture pack is one of the first attempts to fully recreate the textures in Ocarina of Time with a more modern, higher resolution look while still trying to retain the original feel of the textures.

Federelli’s texture pack featured the work from some of the best artists around the Nintendo 64 emulation scene, these ranging from Federelli himself, to Djipi who went on to make his own superb texture pack and also other art from various other artists around the Emutalk forums.

The Ocarina of Time texture pack also used to feature of another superb artist, Xenboband. Sadly however he required that his work to be removed from the texture pack.

While this pack never ended up being completed, it showed what could be done to breathe new life into old classics, and is still a huge step up from the original graphics for all those who are still interested in checking out this texture pack.


Download Federelli’s Ocarina of Time Texture Pack