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Soywiz PSP Emu

Soywiz PSP Emu was a Sony PSP emulator written in C# for Windows and LInux. It was a capable emulator that was able to run several commercial PSP games at a decent speed, development was going quite speedily till the developer decided to move onto a new project, namely jspspemu. Soywize PSP emu had implemented an assortment […]

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JPCSP is one of the most advanced PSP Emulators available. JCPSP has shown an incredible amount of progress and impressive speed despite being built in a slower language then most other emulators. There is one big advantage to using Java for an emulator, and that is that the code tends to be multiplatform friendly from the […]

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PCSP is a PSP emulator written in C++ for Windows. PCSP was never able to emulate any commercial games, however it could run some homebrew, ultimately development never got far enough for PCSP to emulate enough of the PSP to run any games. Development of the emulator has also sadly ceased. There was an attempt to rewrite […]

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PPSSPP is one of the highest regarded PSP emulators, and probably one of the most successful emulators for the PSP. It boasts an impressive multi platform lineup, being able to be run an assortment of systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and even more obscure systems like Blackberry. The original author, […]

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