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Nemulator is a multiple system emulator, being both a SEGA Master System Emulator and a NES Emulator. Developed by James Slepicka, Nemulator has managed to successfully achieve a substantial level of compatibility for both the SEGA Master System and the NES. Despite starting off as a NES Emulator, the developer decided to focus on another […]

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Nintendulator is an open source WIN32 NES emulator written in C++. The goal of Nintendulator was to emulate the console right down to all of its hardware quirks allowing the emulator to successfully emulate certain …

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FCEUX is the continuation of NES emulator FCE and its forks under the name FCEU. FCEUX aims to be an “all in one” emulator for the NES, offering accurate emulation with both more casual player options and more advanced options …

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Nestopia is the one of the only cycle accurate emulators for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Thanks to its highly optimized cycle accurate nature it allows the emulator to have an almost 100% compatibility.

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Jnes is a NES emulator designed and programmed by Jabo (More known for his work on Project64 and his audio and video plugins for it). Jnes boasts a high compatibility, managing to successfully emulate the graphics, sound …

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