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Dualis is a NDS emulator for Windows. it is primarily written in C++ and x86 assembly. it is a fairly rudimentary emulator and lacks an awful lot of functionality and has no compatibility with any commercially available game. Alongside this it also does not offer any real extensive emulation of the NDS’s features, lacking any […]

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iDeaS Emulator

iDeaS Emulator is a once popular Nintendo DS Emulator. It was capable of running a lot of commercial NDS games. To achieve decent graphical speed iDeaS Emulator makes use of an OpenGL renderer. iDeaS had successfully managed to emulate the ARM7 CPU completely, which also gives it the ability to emulate GBA games. The iDeaS […]

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DeSmuME is one of the best Nintendo DS Emulators around, over the years it has managed to achieve fast emulation while managing to retain a relatively high compatibility rate. DeSmuMe was the first NDS emulator that was capable of successfully running several NDS roms. Thanks to DeSmuME’s OpenGL render and dynamic recompiler it is one […]

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No$GBA is a closed source GBA Emulator and Nintendo DS emulator. While the emulator originally started off as a Game Boy Advance emulator. It has now branched out to also offer emulation for the Nintendo DS. No$GBA was the first Game Boy Advance emulator to successfully support the ability to play multiplayer  games on the […]

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