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Harvest Moon 64

Harvest Moon 64 was developed by Victor Interactive Software for the Nintendo 64.  It was the third game in the Harvest Moon series, and the only one to be released for the Nintendo 64. Harvest Moon 64 is a fairly basic game, as it involves you looking after a farming plot given to you by […]

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Duke Nukem 64 Thumbnail

Duke Nukem 64

Duke Nukem 64 is a port of 3D Realms PC game, Duke Nukem 3D. The game brought the iconic series to the Nintendo 64 for the first time. However the port brought through several changes of its own. First off the game was censored, this led to removal of some in-game music and the renaming […]

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Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing was developed by Rare for the Nintendo 64. It was hugely successfully with over 800,000 copies of the game being ordered two weeks before the Christmas  of 1997.  In the end this positioned Diddy Kong Racing as the sixth highest selling game for the Nintendo 64. Diddy Kong Racing was not your […]

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Conkers Bad Fur Day

Conkers Bad Fur Day is one of the sensational hits on the Nintendo 64. The game was developed by Rare, a company who developed a lot of the games that are regarded as hit classics. Conkers Bad Fur Day was their final game to be released on the Nintendo 64. The game was originally aimed […]

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Castlevania 64 Thumbnail

Castlevania 64

Castlevania 64 is a game developed by Konami for the Nintendo 64 and released December 31, 1998. It is Famicon’s first attempt to bring the Castlevania series into the 3D world. Konami chose not to stray away from the formula of its 2D counterparts with the game remaining largely a action-adventure and platforming game.  The game allows […]

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Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness Thumbnail

Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness

Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness was a game developed for the N64 by Konami back in 1999. It was designed to be both a prequel and a expanded version of their earlier game for the Nintendo 64 Castlevania 64. Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness was essentially the ultimate version of Castlevania you could get during its era, […]

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Super Mario 64 Thumbnail

Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is a platformer game for the Nintendo 64. It is one of the most highly acclaimed games of its generation and laid out a framework for all future platformer games. Some of the specific game play elements Super Mario 64 pioneered is the use of a dynamic camera system and also its […]

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Banjo-Kazooie Thumbnail


Banjo-Kazooie is a platformer developed for the Nintendo 64 by Rare. The game managed to hit both a commercial and critical success. For its time Banjo-Kazooie was known for having detailed graphics, immersive sound, and intricate level design, all of which helped it become a classic that it is known as today. The game was released […]

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