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Nemulator is a multiple system emulator, being both a SEGA Master System Emulator and a NES Emulator. Developed by James Slepicka, Nemulator has managed to successfully achieve a substantial level of compatibility for both the SEGA Master System and the NES. Despite starting off as a NES Emulator, the developer decided to focus on another […]

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Gearsystem is a highly accurate, and cross platform SEGA Master System emulator. Written in C++, the developer has managed to make the emulator highly portable, allowing it to be ran on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Raspberry Pi and iOS. It features a highly accurate Z80 core that even implements functionality that was never properly […]

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CrabEmu is a SG-1000 Emulator and a SEGA Mega System Emulator for Linux,  Mac OS X and even the Dreamcast for those whole still have a Dreamcast lying around. The main focus of CrabEmu was to develop a fast and effective emulator for SEGA’s two 8-bit consoles, the SG-1000 and the SEGA Master System. Unlike […]

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