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GBE + is a GBA Emulator and GBC emulator written by Shonumi. It is the continuation of his original GBA Emulator, GB Enhanced. The goal of the project is to create an emulator written in C++ utilizing the SDL library that proves to be highly portable while sporting functionality that is not traditionally found in […]

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Gnuboy is a highly portable open source emulator for the Game Boy Color. While not being the most advanced emulator it did prove extremely portable …

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DreamGBC is yet another Game Boy Color emulator. There isn’t an awful lot to say about this emulator. It does appear to be discontinued with no development been seen since 2005.

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Gearboy is an open source emulator for the Game Boy Color written in C++. Gearyboy has a highly accurate CPU emulation, including accurate instruction timing.

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Gambatte is an open source Game Boy Color emulator that is designed to be portable. The core emulation is kept separate from the UI.

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Game Boy Emulation SysTem (GEST) is an open source Game Boy Color emulator for Windows written in C++. The graphics, sound and SGB emulation is heavily based on the work by the VisualBoyAdvance team.

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PlayGuy is an emulator for the Game Boy Color that offers Full CPU core emulation. It offers a vast majority of the support for Game Boy carts …

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BasicBoy is a Game Boy Color emulator written purely in Microsoft Visual Basic. There is not much to say about this emulator as it doesn’t sport any big feature or even that great compatibility.

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KiGB is a cross-platform emulator for the Game Boy Color. The emulator claims to be the most accurate for the system, like many other emulators it provides support for both the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Super Game Boy …

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