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Reicast is a Dreamcast emulator developed in part by some of the developers of NullDC. The idea behind the project is to make a Dreamcast emulator that is both highly portable while also being fast and retain a great compatibility rate. While being extremely tough goals to actually meet, the team is knowledgeable enough to […]

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DEmul is one of the longest running Dreamcast Emulators. It has been in active development since its first release all the way back in 2006, and is now regarded as one of the best Dreamcast Emulators you can get on PC. Development of DEmul began after it became obvious that the development of Chankast has ceased […]

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NullDC is an open source freeware Dreamcast Emulator, developed by drkIIRaziel and ZeZu. While development of NullDC has now ceased, as the developers moved onto newer projects, and also started up a newer multi-platform Dreamcast Emulator Reicast. NullDC is still one of the best Dreamcast emulators available, partially in thanks to its development style where the […]

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Chankast was one of the first SEGA Dreamcast emulators to actually successfully emulate a commercial Dreamcast game. it was built for x86 platforms, and for its time utilized advanced techniques to achieve not only high compatibility emulation but also have the ability to get a decent speed in Dreamcast games, something that was a massive thing […]

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