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Genesis Plus!

Genesis Plus! is a highly accurate SEGA Genesis Emulator. It successfully emulates all sound channels, has full support for six button Genesis pads and support for various different SEGA Genesis ROM dumps. Genesis Plus’s main focus is on achieving accurate emulation over the addition of other features, unlike the other Gens based project, Gens32. It […]

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Gens32 Surreal

Gens32 Surreal is a SEGA Genesis Emulator based on the source code of the once popular Gens Emulator. For the majority of its development it was considered as one of the best SEGA Genesis Emulators available. It has superseded other forks of the Gens Emulator, including Gens Plus! While being built off Gens, Gens32 Surreal […]

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Exodus is a highly accurate SEGA Genesis emulator, Its entire goal being to have perfectly accurate timing synchronization. Meaning every quirk of the emulator should be emulated, including intended and unintended features of the hardware. The goal of exodus overall however is not to be an emulator for any single system, its designed to try […]

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BlastEm is a relatively new SEGA Genesis Emulator for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The goal of BlastEm is to be extremely accurate but yet be able to run on incredibly weak hardware successfully using advanced optimization techniques. While the performance and accuracy of the emulator still isn’t as great as the author would personally […]

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