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Jagulator was an extremely promising up and coming, closed source Atari Jaguar Emulator for the Microsoft Windows Operating System. It was one of the very first Atari Jaguar Emulators, but was beaten by Project Tempest to being able to be the first emulator to successfully run a commercial game. Jagulator made use of the Motorola 68000 […]

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Project Tempest

Project Tempest is one of the oldest Atari Jaguar Emulators, it runs only on the Windows Operating System.  Project Tempest made its mark in history by becoming the first ever working Atari Jaguar Emulator. For its time, this was a remarkable achievement as the Atari Jaguar had proven to be one of the more complicated systems […]

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Virtual Jaguar

Virtual Jaguar is a highly portable and a extremely capable Atari Jaguar emulator, it is regarded as one of the best Atari Jaguar emulators around and is currently the only Jaguar emulator that is in somewhat active development. The only other real emulator for the system appears to of ceased in development. Virtual Jaguar is […]

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