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Rainbow is a closed source Atari 5200 emulator and an Atari 8-bit computer systems emulator developed by Chris Lam. While development has now ceased and the developers website is now gone, Rainbow left behind a strong legacy. For starters Rainbow was the first Atari 5200 Emulator to be ported across to the Mac OS X […]

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Kat5200 is an open source Atari 5200 Emulator and also an Atari 8-bit computer emulator (800/XL/XE). The emulator relies on the Atari 5200 BIOS files to be able to actually successfully run games as it does not emulate the BIOS itself within the emulator. Kat5200 is regarded as an Atari 5200 emulator with advanced features, […]

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Jum52 is a cross-platform Atari 5200 emulator that has been ported to an assortment of operating systems, ranging from Windows to Linux and even the PlayStation 2. Jum52 also has a Mac OS X port thanks to the efforts of Richard Bannister, a programmer who has ported numerous other emulators to the Mac OS X operating […]

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The Atari++ is a free, open source portable cycle accurate Atari 5200 Emulator. Like many other Atari 5200 emulators, this supports Atari’s whole assortment of 8-bit computers. These 8-bit computers being the Atari 400 and 800, the Atari 400XL, 800XL and 130XE. The emulator is auto-configurable meaning the user will not have to play around with […]

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Altirra is an open source cycle accurate Atari 5200 emulator for the Windows Operating System. Developed by the creator of virtualdub.org. Altirra like many Atari 5200 emulators, also emulates Atari’s long list of 8-bit computers that they released around the same time as the Atari 5200. Originally released in 2009, Altirra is one of the […]

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Atari800 is a multi-platform, multi-system and open source Atari 5200 Emulator. Atari800 also offers for Atari’s 8-bit computer systems that they released arround the same time as the Atari5200. Atari800 has been ported to a variety of different operating system, this ranges from Windows, Linux, Unix and even Dreamcast. Developed originally back in 1995 by programmer David […]

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